Cosplay 101: Small Details Make A Big Difference

What goes behind the scenes of a cosplay isn’t as simple as one may think. The making of costumes, accessories and wigs are definitely not an easy task! Cosplayers always seek out to perfect their look and that goes the same for Costume Department of the popular Hong Kong TV series, Ice Fantasy, in order to bring the drama characters to life!

Online Shopping Gone Wrong: Buyers Bought Figure Desks Instead?!

Prepare for a facepalm when reading this article! Well, 3 sets of desks and chairs for $10 sounds like an amazing deal, isn’t it? However, when a deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Unfortunately, these Amazon buyers mistook the items as normal-sized and didn’t realise that they were getting figure desks and chairs instead!

Transformers Fanmade Film Brings You Back In Time

Have you ever wished Michael Bay’s directed Transformers movies kept the true essence of the source material? Well, your wish is now granted by a group of talented filmmakers, Chisel Pixel Productions! Their Transformers fanmade film titled “Generation:1” perfectly recaptured the 80s vibes and it will bring any die-hard Transformers fans back in time!

Some professional cosplay of Chinese fantasy characters

Listen up! If cosplaying is your thing, then this newly anticipated Hong Kong TV series titled Ice Fantasy might be up for your alley! Known as the TV series of Cosplayers by the netizen, the casts definitely stands out in their fantasy-like costumes! Thanks to that, this tv series managed to capture the attention of local and international viewers! Be sure to…

ERASED Movie Review: An Unexpected Revival

Brace yourself as another Revival is happening soon! Boku Dake ga Inai Machi or also known as ERASED returns on a bigger screen as a live-action movie! However, did the long-awaited adaptation live up to its predecessor like the bestselling award-winning manga and anime did? A slight warning for this review as it may contain spoilers!

Rent out Japanese Ossan to listen to your problems!

Sometimes people just need someone to listen to them. No need for advices and words, just a listening ear. For those who are in need of company, this Japanese men rental service might just save your day! This peculiar service called Ossan Rental, rents out middle-aged men to listen to their clients’ problems and lend them a…

Announcing Vocaloid Artist DECO*27 Upcoming Album

For Vocaloid fans and music lovers alike. DECO*27 (pronounced “DecoNiNa”) has recently announced that his 5th Album “GHOST” will be released on September 28. This Album will feature his latest track “Ghost Rule” sang by Vocaloid queen Hatsune Miku. DECO*27’s latest offering is coming strong with a re-energizing fast tempo track, heavy on the guitars,…