Parasyte Movie Tickets Giveaway parasyte-movie-ticket-giveawa-otaku-house

Parasyte Movie Tickets Giveaway

  • January 12, 2015
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Any fans of Parasyte in the house? Because we have a superb good news. Otaku House is giving away movie tickets to the long awaited Parasyte movie! Read on for more details. Someone once posed the question… “If the human […]

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Naruto Plot Twist sasuke-karin

Naruto Plot Twist

  • November 22, 2014
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Ok, what if this is the plot twist we will find out during the extended Naruto move? Discuss.

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Official Attack On Titan Cast In Costume Unveiled Haruma Titan

Official Attack On Titan Cast In Costume Unveiled

  • November 20, 2014
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Attack on Titan is so hot that you won’t be surprise that they’re making an official Attack on Titan movie. Thats fantastic. We even know now what the actors look like in their Survey Corps uniforms. The film stars Miura Haruma as […]

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Visit Otaku House if you are looking for Nendoroids in Singapore Lots of Nendoriod in Singapore

Visit Otaku House if you are looking for Nendoroids in Singapore

  • October 15, 2014
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Hello everyone. We have something exciting in store today! If you are looking for nendoroids in Singapore, you should be at OTAKU HOUSE! We have a range of new nendoroids figures and have also taken some pictures to provide you a […]

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[25 Oct 2014] New Arrivals at Otaku House!


This week we’ve got new arrivals coming your way! For all nendoroid lovers, we have more nendoroids to be added to your collection. Here’s a sneak peak of how they looks like:   These cute looking nendoroid petite girls are from […]

Japanese Horror Film: Fatal Frame Trailer + Movie Tickets Giveaway


If you’re a horror genre / game junkie, you must have played this horror game called ‘Fatal Frame‘ (aka. Project Zero or Zero)? This is the most well-receive horror-survival console game to date and if you haven’t checked it out… […]

Kill la Kill Ichiban Kuji at Otaku House Singapore


Kill la Kill Ichiban Kuji has landed in Singapore at Otaku House. The prizes will include figures, hand towels, and posters. Extra lucky winners will get a Mako figure in her Two-Star Goku Uniform. All three figures measure roughly 10cm […]

[New Arrivals] Totoro lands in Singapore at Otaku House


Totoro and his friends from Studio Ghibli lands in Singapore at the Otaku House store. The blue one that holds the sack is Chu Totoro and the little white rabbit thing is Chibi Totoro. They probably took the Cat Bus […]